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10/40 Window

The 10/40 Window is a rectangular shaped window which extends from 10 degrees north latitude to 40 degrees north latitude containing 2/3 of the world’s total population, and spans from the northern part of Africa’s west coast, through the Middle East to the far east of the Orient.

Lowest Quality of Life
World's Poorest People
World's Unreached People


Now is the time for Thailand! The Thai people are friendly, happy and fun… and, desperately need Jesus!

Todd and Julie have been ministering in Thailand since 1999 and established their Asian ministry headquarters there in 2003.

Empower International has positioned itself to empower several local ministries to impact this nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With a population of over 65 million, the people are called Thai and they speak the Thai language. They are nearly 95% Buddhist. The government is a Constitutional Monarchy. Their currency is called Baht and their GDP per capita is $8,000.


Todd and Julie are thrilled about their ministry work in Pakistan. Todd’s first trip to Pakistan was in 2004 and he knew immediately that Empower International was to establish an ongoing ministry work there.

The Pakistanis are a wonderful people who are rich in culture and very intriguing. They are eagerly waiting for the manifestation of the people of God and the truth of the Gospel!

Pakistan’s population is over 167 million. Their nationality is called Pakistani and they speak Punjabi and Urdu. 97% are Moslem. Their currency is the Pakistan Rupee and their GDP per capita is $2,600.
Islamic Extremism | Poverty | Corruption | Discrimination | Slavery | Education (rural) | Violence | Division


The people of Myanmar are diverse and absolutely precious! Held in the grips of poverty and suffering for too long – we pray earnestly for their deliverance and spiritual freedom.

Todd first went to Myanmar in 1999, and established a full-time ministry presence there in 2005. We now have a powerful network of Christian leaders working together with common vision to bless and benefit the people of their nation.

The government recently changed their name to Myanmar. With a population of over 47 million, they have many diverse ethnic groups. Approximately 90% Buddhist. Their currency is called the Kyat. Their GDP per capita is $1,900.
Extreme Poverty | Oppression | Human Trafficking | Prostitution | Poor Education | Corruption | Drugs and Alcohol | Family Breakdown

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