Empower Pakistan Education Project

In 2012 while on a mission to a rural area of Pakistan approximately a 2 hour drive from the city of Lahore, I made a decision that could change the future for hundreds of children today and thousands in the future.  What I witnessed that day motivated me to start a school for children that may otherwise be forced to work as slaves in brick factories, fields and leather tanneries.

With 30 students and 1 teacher in a small rented facility we launched this school for minority Christian children in a predominantly Moslem community. 

Since that time, Empower International (with the help of our generous partners) has been able to purchase 3 plots of land and complete 2 phases of buildings with a total capacity of 240 students. (We also have a church in this facility that serves over 400 people every week!)

Our Empower Education students are performing academically at the top in their district on all standardized testing. They’re also learning the Bible everyday and love Jesus. These are future leaders!

The school just finished another academic year with 239 students. With our immediate plan to build 2 more classrooms, we will be able to enroll up to 350 children who otherwise would not be able to go to school.

To run this program, our cost per student is $15/month.

That’s nothing!

We just began another academic school year with 317 precious children!  We’d love it if you would sponsor a child for $15 per month.

(These costs do not include our land and building projects.)

We are a proactive ministry, and we can’t think of a better way to stop radical extremism around the world than by providing quality education for next-generation leaders in places like Pakistan.

Plans are being made right now to buy land and build a vocational training center across the street from our school!

Stand with us in prayer and spread the word to inspire more people to get involved with this amazing mission project!

Thank YOU!

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