New School Uniforms for Refugee Children

Remember your first day of school? Remember Back-to-School shopping? Remember how empowered you felt wearing your new clothes on the first day of school?

Kids feel this way all over the world. Even poor kids and refugee kids.  This is why we do what we do!

Recently, the Empower Thailand Team had an amazing time taking 45 refugee children to the ‘Uniform Shop’ to pick out and try on their new school uniforms.  They all had a blast!

These kids cannot control where they were born, to whom they were born or the current situation they find themselves in. But, we can empower them now to set their lives on a trajectory of hope, success and meaning. 

It is our joy to teach them the Truths of God’s Word, support their daily needs and empower them to get a quality education!

When you support Empower International, this is what you are supporting!  Thank you!

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