Changed Lives

I’ve been involved in ministry service for 31 years now.  And, still the most fulfilling and exciting moment I experience in this adventurous life is when a person surrenders their life to Christ and is baptized! 

I love it when the light comes on in a person’s eyes!

I love it when someone’s life is radically changed by Jesus like mine was when I was 16 years old!

My heart thrills when one who was dead, comes to life!  …when one completely hopeless is filled with hope! …when one who is bound is totally set free!

Recently, I had the honor of baptizing an elderly Thai man named Kaw.

He shared his testimony with us about how he was bound and attacked by demon spirits. The torment and fear he experienced was overwhelming and driving him crazy. 

The entire community where he lived believed that they had been cursed and many, especially Kaw, were crying out for help.  Their first instinct was to ask the Buddhist Monks at the local temple to help them. They had no idea what to do and were even fearful themselves.

So, one of our Empower Pastors was called in.  He knew exactly what to do!  He prayed, took authority in the Name of Jesus and forcefully removed the demonic altars of animism!  That day, Kaw knew something significant had happened. He wanted to know about this Jesus that carried such great power.  So, our Empower Pastor preached the simple, powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ to this precious man.  Kaw made the greatest decision to surrender his life to Jesus that day.

Later, Kaw came to one of our ministry events and while he was there, he requested to be baptized in the nearby river. So more than 100 people marched down to the river together to participate and rejoice with our new friend, Kaw as he was baptized into Christ that day.

Now, we have an amazing opportunity to preach the Gospel to this entire community!

Through the ministry of Empower International and all of our ministry outreaches in the 10/40 Window, this kind of story is playing out all of the time!  I receive reports every week from our churches, pastors and outreach stations of real people encountering a real God and experiencing real life transformation!

As we educate children, care for orphans and widows, drill water wells, feed and clothe the poor, start new churches; still…the greatest miracle we witness and the most joy we experience is when we introduce another lost soul to the One, True, and Living God.

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